What is Neobux ?

NeoBux is a free worldwide advertising service available in both English and Português languages.
The service allows advertisers to get thousands of potential customers to view their advertisements.
NeoBux members view advertisements for a short duration specified by the advertiser.
After viewing an advertisement, the member receives a monetary value to their account.
The site is free to use, there's no need to pay anything to start earning today!

What should I do?

Must visit your ads(from your account) daily .

How to earn more money?

With referral system.They may be directly or rented.to rent referrals, first be added to funds "Renting Balance" in your account. Here you can add funds using one of the 4 methods.

How much money do I need to rent referrals?

To rent referrals is not necessarily to invest, you can help the money made from clicks that you .One referral costs 25 cents.Minimum number of referrals that can be leased are 3 and maximum 100. Referrals are in the form of "packages" of 3, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70 and 100.

When and how the money out of Neobux?

Neobux account money can you get when you reach minimum payout amount. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $ 2 (first paid), $ 3 (second payment), $ 4 (third price) and so on up to $ 10. When you reach the minimum amount of payment, the "YOUR PAYMENT" will become green and you can demand payment. After clicking the button and you have confirmed that email is that you have registered with AlertPay or PayPal, you get the money automatically, in seconds.


Proof of payments: